Hi all, we’ve made an update to the GoFundMe that we have been running to help support our Self Employed Team Members. Please take a moment to read the update below / in the campaign.

UPDATED: March 31st

No doubt most of you are aware that the government has now introduced a further step in help for those that are Self Employed who have had their incomes greatly reduced if not stopped altogether by the Corona Virus situation. This is of course a great help and welcomed by all, unfortunately it does however still leave certain people in very tricky situations, including some of our team.

For those that compliment income from PAYE work to cover their overall living costs but earn slightly less through Self Employed work than through PAYE, they will unfortunately not qualify for the new Self Employed help and will also be faced with having the other part of their overall income, PAYE, reduced to 80% leaving things worryingly tight over the coming months. With this in mind, we have decided to continue running our fundraiser to help the team with their living costs and greatly reduced incomes that they can’t improve during lock down, as well helping keep those in full time Self Employment with some interim cash flow until the help arrives in June.

Again, we fully appreciate any donations made, 4 of you have made it on to the up and coming ‘MVP – Most Valued Patron’ Wall so far with your over £50 donations and we can’t thank you enough.

We can’t wait to get those doors back open, that sound system fired up and every inch of the venue filled with music & people again soon. Much love, Team Moles. x

Link: https://bit.ly/TeamMolesSE