We want you to have yourself a safe little Christmas with us. Check out our revised safety statement to see what we’re doing all year round to keep you safe during your time here, so you can #PartySafeAtMoles.

  • All security staff are trained to spot spiking and the effects of spiking. Bar staff are trained to flag up anything that looks unusual. We are a flagship #NeverOK venue which means our staff training is the gold standard for all venues participating in this project. #NeverOK is an anti-harassment campaign which encompasses sexual harassment, racism, sexism and homophobia.
  • We also have an ‘Ask For Angela’ system (ours is called ‘Ask For Buffy’), clearly signposted in women’s toilets. All staff are aware of this system and there are information posters in staff areas to help them assist people who need it. Our protocol starts with taking the customer to a designated safe, quiet area within the venue, which we also use for people we think may have been spiked.
  • We encourage customers never to leave drinks unattended, rather to finish them before they go outside, leave them with a friend, or even with staff behind the bar.
  • We have always had straws available at all times. If you cannot see them out on the bar, just ask bar staff for one.
  • Should a customer choose to leave their drink, we have a new designated spot by the window with CCTV pointing directly at it, in a place where staff are always present, and that is visible from the outside. We investigate every spiking incident by reviewing CCTV.
  • Victims of spiking will always receive medical attention from first-aid trained staff and paramedics. We take the person into a quieter area of the venue to assess them.
  • Wherever possible, we make sure female customers are taken care of by female security staff.
  • We make sure people who have been spiked get home safe, either with friends/family or via University staff services. We will never leave a person who has been spiked to get home alone. If there is no option but to use a taxi, we will photograph the vehicle for reference.
  • If we suspect someone of drinks spiking, we will detain them, and get the police involved if we have reason to believe they have been spiking. This individual will also be banned.
  • We operate routine bag, wallet and large coat searches on the door and will refuse entry to anyone carrying suspicious substances – we will confiscate and destroy any substances we find.
  • We always have at least one female security staff at every event.
  • We work closely with the local Night Marshals and Street Pastors.

Extra steps we have taken recently:

  • Introducing Stop Topps (anti-spiking lids) https://stoptopps.com/
  • More signage for drink safety and to encourage customers to report anything out-of-the-ordinary, or if they feel unwell, plus signs detailing signs of spiking.
  • Additional training for all staff
  • We are storing our free water behind the bar from now on – if you would like a glass please just ask a member of staff. Alternatively we sell canned water.
  • ‘Safe Drinks Spot’ in the main foyer – this area is always staffed, is covered by CCTV and is visible from outside.

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