With the removal of restrictions, we are looking forward to welcoming you all back into Moles in the safest way possible. With that in mind here are the measures we have put in place and how you can help to mitigate any risks.

1- Please don’t come to our events if you have Covid symptoms or feel you may have been exposed to infection.

2- We will not be implementing a covid passport system. We realise that some people have not been able to have both doses yet and may have reasons why they can’t be vaccinated. However before coming to an event we would recommend that you do everything you can to make sure that you personally are not infectious. You can do this by

· Getting vaccinated

· Taking a free lateral flow test

· Reporting that you are immune (because of previous infection)

3- Masks. Although they are not mandatory anymore, they are still recommended in enclosed spaces such as ours. So our staff will still be wearing them if they are able to do so. Again this will not be mandatory for anyone but we ask that you respect anyone who chooses to wear one and if you are happy to do so we would encourage it.

4- Ventilation. During our time closed we have upgraded all our fans to increase the airflow through the building

5- We have also installed a UVC air filtration system on both floors. This is a scientifically proven method of reducing airborne pathogens which works to significantly reduce Covid. It is 99.6% effective against Covid, destabilizing the virus and making it inactive. This system effectively removes the risk of aerosol transmission, which is the cumulative buildup of airborne pathogens within our venue. We have installed this throughout the venue and you will see it in various areas

6- We will continue with our enhanced cleaning regime with regular deep cleans and frequent wipe down of surface touch points

7- We will continue to encourage best hygiene practices by washing hands and using our sanitizing stations upon entry and throughout the night

Most importantly Be Kind, Be Respectful of yourself and others, and let’s get back to enjoying great music safely!