Hello everyone,
In light of what is currently happening with Covid19, and the most up to date information available to us, we will be closing our doors today whilst keeping up to date with events as they unfold.

The welfare of our Team and loyal customers have and will always be of paramount importance to us and so insuring the safety of all by closing the venue is definitely the right course of action.

Currently all events for the rest of March are cancelled with the aim of rescheduling the live events where possible. Anyone requiring a refund will be given one, this may take time so please be patient. Some of our live music events are run by third party promoters who are selling the tickets themselves so please refer to point of purchase.

Our industry is in a very fragile situation right now and the very vague ‘direction’ offered by our government to date, lacking in a firm ban on opening, puts the industry in an even more vulnerable position, so we ask that you consider holding on to tickets for events that might be re-scheduled, potentially keeping finances flowing during this difficult time.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be looking to use our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts to help push, promote & support the musicians, artists & self employed individuals that have been affected by our closure. We are also determined to support our staff for as long as we possibly can in this difficult time.
Please watch this space for regular updates and information moving forward.

In the mean time, please take care of yourselves & each other and keep the music playing.

The Moles Team x