The Bath Brew House

We went to Bath Brew House to help begin our first batch of 40 YEARS LOUD – our commemorative beer celebrating 40 years of Moles!


‘Mashing in’ – Lou from Moles chips in mixing the malt with hot water
Max weighing in the hops

We met up with head brewer Max to learn all about the process of brewing in BBHs onsite brewery. 40 Years Loud will be a hoppy pale ale, using T’n’T hops for a fresh green fruit edge and Olicana¬†¬†hops for a nice peachy flavour. “We wanted a beer to be hop dominated and not to clash with stroger Malts.” says Max. “We really enjoyed brewing this special beer with Moles! Happy 40th Birthday!”

The final product will the perfect refreshing pint for the summer months!


#40YearsLoud will be officially debuting at Party In The City, but keep your eyes peeled for preview tastings!