Independent Venue Week is the one week all of the independently spirited venues come together with artists, tastemakers, promoters and media to celebrate the art of live music.

Moles will be hosting 7 nights of special live events. Artists, promoters, labels and media will work with each venue to curate, play and promote live music from some of the most exciting new talent in the country.

Check out our listings below:

Monday 29th January

SKINNY GIRL DIET + Tarantina 7pm / 14+ / £5adv

Tuesday 30th January

SPRING KING + Fizzy Blood + Van Zeller 7pm / 14+ / £11adv

Wednesday 31st January

PHOXJAW + My Only Sun + Absence Of Apathy 9pm / 18+ / £3adv

Thursday 1st February

ILL WILL + Squidge + Mary’s Room 7pm / 14+ / £3adv

Friday 2nd February

ITCH (The King Blues) + Support Tba 7pm / 14+ / £10adv

Saturday 3rd February

INHEAVEN + Thyla + Dame Jean 7pm / 14+ / £9adv

Sunday 4th February

KERENSA + Support 7pm / 14+ / £3adv