The Moles Quiz – Hosted by Remy Melee

The Moles Quiz with Remy Melee drops on 4th July!

Are you wearing your thinking cap? Your smarty pants? Your clever trousers? Come and stretch your brain cells at the campest quiz in town!

Six rounds including a perfectly preposterous picture round and a music round full of bangers, plus performances from Remy themselves!

Plus, you could win a £50 BAR TAB!

Everyone’s favourite sentient marshmallow, Remy is a your pint-sized pastel pal. But don’t let the cutesy exterior fool you – beneath those candy-coloured wigs is a brain brimming with useless information about train schedules and rollercoaster stats. No really.

They’ve worked with Ella Vaday, Kitty Scott Claws, Cheryl Hole and Tayce, and have firmly made their mark on the South West drag scene. Step into Remy’s ridiculous world, the water’s fine. And pink. And sparkly.

£2 entry per person
Max 6 per team


Moles 14 George St
Bath BA1 2EN