More Than A Feeling: Power Ballad Party !


Are you ready to wail until you can wail no more? Well, throw on some lyrca & puff up your hair…its a fist pumping, air grabbing, perm wearing POWER BALLAD PARTY! 

Remy Melee
‘ll be blessing the rain down in Moles & guaranteeing you can ROCK N ROLL ALLLL NIIIGHTTTT!🎤Vocal chord stretching power ballads of the 80s & 90s!

🎸Ripping solos on air guitars & inflatable guitars!⚡Confetti, OH SO MUCH CONFETTI!

Phil Collins 🤘Queen 🤘 Bonnie Tyler 🤘 Meatloaf 🤘 Guns & Roses 🤘Prince 🤘Whitesnake 🤘 Celine Dion 🤘 Europe 🤘 Whitney Houston 🤘 Journey 🤘 Starship 🤘 Toto 🤘 Scorpion 🤘 Take That 🤘David Bowie 🤘 Bon Jovi 🤘 Boston 🤘Europe 🤘 Foreigner 🤘 Chicago 🤘Fleetwood Mac 🤘 Tina Turner 🤘George Michael 🤘 David Bowie 🤘 Rod Stewart 🤘Survivor 🤘


Moles 14 George St
Bath BA1 2EN