Wielding their dynamic mix of raw noise, pure melody and utterly immersive vocal breaks, Black Foxxes thrive on playing live and always ensure that everyone present will remember them, no matter what.

“Precariously perching on the cusp of unnervingly weird and carelessly endearing, Strange are a fresh new British band pioneering a sound that plucks relentlessly at the imagination and leaves you quivering with excitement at the experience that’s just hit you. Self-alienated from the ‘norm’, Strange brazenly venture into unchartered musical territories; provoking, experimenting and cajoling musical genres in a way that hard-core music lovers have been hankering after since the likes of David Bowie.”

“An Arcane Dispute are swiftly becoming one of the most sought after rock acts in the UK, so make sure you move fast and don’t miss the chance to see them in action.”

➜ Friday July 8th 2016
● Tickets £6 Adv. from www.moles.co.uk
● Doors: 7pm | 14+ (Under 16s accompanied by an adult.)

Watch Black Foxxes new video ‘I’m Not Well’ here