Mystery Jets Photos26th April, 2012

The Mystery Jets gig on the 21st of April was a huge success!

Check out some of the pictures below:

Listening Post10th May, 2011

We haven’t blogged for way too long. We have much to share with you: a big musical bag of new artists.


A soul band from LA, recently appeared on Jools Holland and have just been everywhere since…selling out shows, radio appearances and look to be heading for the stratosphere. See why here:

Number 2: ALICE GOLD

Now for something totally different. This girl has a serious voice and guitar skills to match. Her song “Runaway Love” is an instant hit with us.


This guy has just come back from supporting million album selling chart topping wonder that is Adele. His wistful, soulful voice infused with beautiful strings is apparent on this track: Tell Me A Tale.

Our new blog!2nd March, 2011

Test test.

Our new blog is up and running. Here we will be writing about music, mainly of the new variety as we come across it. We’ll also be blogging from any festivals we attend and generally bringing you news, updates and exciting new acts. Don’t worry it won’t be shameless plugging for our gigs, we’ll be talking about music regardless of whether they have/will play Moles. Forgive us if we find something quite amazing that HAPPENS to be playing Moles. Pure coincidence.

We should point out any views expressed in this blog are not necessarily the views of Moles Bath LTD. We say this in case I upset anyone.

FREE MUSIC from The Good Gods!3rd June, 2010

The Good Gods! who are set to play Moles on 10th June are offering all of you lovely people a free download of their latest single “Lying on our bright red backs”. A perfect summery tune for these long June days I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Good Gods!

Head over to to download the song now. And head over HERE to purchase tickets for their show on June 10th with Golden Slumbers and With Love From Humans.